Min. Ashley Wai’olu Moore - Resumé

        OBJECTIVE:  To utilize my abilities, leadership and interpersonal relationship skills, organizational and planning     experience and technical     expertise to serve a Christian faith community that seeks to promote the radically inclusive     message of Jesus Christ, social justice, and interfaith dialogue.



•    Minister of Music, First Congregational Church of Oakland (FCCO-UCC), (August 2012 – Present)

o    Work with clergy and lay leaders to design liturgies, plan worship and program music.

o    Direct music during services while performing as a pianist, guitarist, singer and bandleader.

o    Serve as worship leader.  

o    Arrange, transcribed and/or write music for the services.

o    Recruit, organize and rehearsed a variety of musicians and singers for services.

o    Music department administration.


•    Program and Musical Director, Singers of the Street (SoS), a program of Welcome Ministries, (January 2015 – Present)

o    Program and food services management.

o    Working with partners and clients

o    Schedule events and performances.

o    Recruit, organize, teach and rehearse singers.

o    Direct music during rehearsals and performances.

o    Select, arrange, transcribe and/or write music for the singers.

o    Director of Special Music Program, Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church, San Francisco


•    Director of Special Music, Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church, San Francisco (GELC-ELCA), (June 2015 – February 2016)

o    Led a group of GELC members, lay leaders and local residents in the learning and performance of a wide variety of

        Christian and secular music.

o    Fostered and facilitated a collaborative environment in which participant’s talents grew their and contributed to

    a living musical library.


•    Pastor In Training, Saint Paulus Lutheran Church of San Francisco (SPLC-ELCA). September 2014 - June 2015.

    Pastoral Internship duties:

o    Provide pastoral care to the parish members.

o     Provide pastoral leadership for food programs.

o    Outreach to parish neighborhood.

o    Assist in weekly Bible study.

o    Building partnerships with regional Pastors of the Sierra-Pacific Synod.

o    Preaching.

o    Emergent worship design and planning.

o    Leading worship.


•    Team Minister, Pastoral Triad, Tapestry Ministries, Disciples of Christ (DOC). September 2013 - June 2014.

    Pastoral Internship duties:

o    Served as one of three Team Ministers.

o    Worship design and planning.

o    Preached on a monthly basis.

o    Served as worship leader.

o    Presided over communion and prayer.

o    Occasionally provided music during services as pianist, guitarist & singer.


•    Praise and Worship Musician; substitue Music Director. Spring 2002 - December 2014.

o    Perform as a guitarist, pianist, singer and percussionist

o    Arranged and/or write music to perform as part of worship.

o    Serve as worship leader

o    Served as substitute Music Director (GELC, PSR, SPLC).



     o     Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church of San Francisco (GELC-ELCA) under Pastor Megan Rohrer.

     o     Pacific School of Religion (PSR) under director Aeri Lee & Matthew Wolka.

     o     City of Refuge UCC, San Francisco (COR-UCC). Directors Charlene Moore & Patricia Gill.

     o     Metropolitan Community Church, San Francisco (MCCSF). Directors Stephanie Smith & Grace Renaud.

     o     Saint Paulus Lutheran Church of San Francisco (SPLC-ELCA). Director Dustin Hart.

     o     Congregational Church of San Mateo-UCC (CCSM-UCC). Directors Lynnelle Bilsey & Bill Coye.

     o     New Spirit Community Church (NSCC-UCC-DOC-MCC). Director Stephanie Smith.

     o     Joint NSCC, MCCSF, CCSM-UCC and COR-UCC Revival, April 8–10, 2011.

         MCCSF Worship & Praise team east coast tour and participation in the GALA International

         Choral Festival, Florida, July 2008.


•    Owner of AMOR Music Productions, Alameda, CA (June 1999 – Present, Self-employed)

       o    Produce and engineer world-class recordings of diverse styles of music, plus audio and video post production and

    audio restoration services. Since 2000, my work has received numerous awards including wins at the Hawaiian

    Music Awards, Out Music Awards, 9 Grammy nominations.

o    Manage production projects for a variety of artists, groups, production companies and record labels. Includes

    projects with clients from varied backgrounds (such as Guam, Polynesia, Brazil, Africa, Israel, Native Americans,

    Latinos, Europeans and Americans of all sorts.)

o    Deliver award-wining work for CD, DVD, radio, web, television, theater and film projects.


•    Technical Director for the Congregational Church of San Mateo-UCC (CCSM-UCC) (2008–2012)

o    Work with the ministry team to enhance sound production for all aspects of the worship service (sermon, choir anthem,

    readings, special music, audio clips)

o    Provide engineering, recording, and production services for special concerts

o    Manage audio content for web site sermons and podcasts

o    Designed and installed sound system upgrade, 2008


•    Music Director for Ellipsis, an “emerging interfaith service” of the Congregational Church of San Mateo-UCC

    (CCSM-UCC) (March 2011 – August 2011)

o    Similar in scope and duties to current work listed above for FCCO-UCC

o    Concurrently set up and operated sound system with monitors for the services


•    Technical Director for the Metropolitan Community Church of San Francisco (MCCSF) (2005–2008)

o    Similar in scope and duties to current work listed above for CCSM-UCC  

o    Trained and coordinated volunteer A/V operators.


•    Member of the Board of Directors, Open and Affirming Coalition of the UCC (2006 - 2007)

o    Building the Open and Affirming movement in UCC churches across the USA.

o    Organizing and programming for national conferences.

o    Building partnerships with third part non-profit organizations and ministries.

o     Fund raising.


•    Founder, Co-Artistic and Executive Director of the Transcendence Gospel Choir (TGC) (2001 -2007)

o    Worked closely with faith leaders and organizations to plan worship services, events, concerts, tours, seminars

o    Arranged all choir and band parts

o    Produced and organized TGC’s educational workshops, forums and sensitivity trainings for youth, students,                                            health care professionals, ministers, lay clergy, and therapists

o    Produced four CD releases including the award winning “Whosoever Believes”

o    Served as worship leader at events, concerts and at COR-UCC

o    Served as narrator in award winning documentary film about the choir titled “The Believers”

o    Received New Spirit Community Church’s “Soaring Spirit Award” in 2005 on behalf of TGC


•    Band Leader for New Revelation Community Church (NRCC), Berkeley (2007)

o    Arranged and/or transcribed music for weekly services

o    Recruited, organized and rehearsed musicians and singers for weekly services

o    Directed music during services while performing as guitarist, bassist, pianist, and vocalist.


•     Minister at City of Refuge UCC, San Francisco (COR-UCC), (2002 – 2013)

o    Installed as Minister at City of Refuge-UCC, June 2004

o    Consecrated “by the Will and Calling of the Lord” as Executive and Artistic Director of TGC, October 2002




    Effective Leader/Organizer

    o    Able to work with clergy and lay leaders to program poignant and diverse music around liturgical and other themes

    o    Able to lead musical performances with soloists, choirs, and ensembles in both faith and secular settings across the

        United States and Canada

    o    Able to recruit, organize, rehearse and volunteer singers and musicians while achieving inspired, professional results

    o    Have produced, managed, promoted and built coalitions for services, events, concerts, tours, seminars and recordings

    o    Able to bring growth to pre-existing music programs


    Effective Administrator

    o    Facilitated collaborative performance and recording projects involving a variety of artists, technicians, and outside

        distribution agencies

    o    Administered business and organizational matters for community choirs, ensembles, and private businesses.

    o    Have selected, arranged, transcribed and composed music for a variety of worship and secular settings

    o    Have established/maintained sophisticated invoice/billing systems, music libraries, websites, and podcasts.




Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary, Berkeley, CA, Spring 2016: Masters of Divinity (MDiv) program.


Pacific School of Religion, Berkeley, CA, Fall 2012 – December 2015: Masters of Divinity (MDiv) and Certificate of Sexuality

    and Religion (CSR) programs.


Berklee College of Music, Boston, MA, Fall 1987 - Spring 1990:  Music Production and Engineering/Composition




• Preaching/Pulpit supply, GELC-ELCA, SPLC-ELCA, FCCO_UCC, Tapestry Ministries-DOC, MCCSF.

• Pastoral Care provider, SFCares' Friendship Banquet at Old First Church, San Francisco, CA. 2014 - 2016.

• Served as substitute Music Director, GELC-ELCA, PSR, CCSM-UCC, SPLC-ELCA. 2011 – 2015.

• Music Director, co-liturgist, planner, and worship leader for the Transgender Religious Leaders Summit opening worship

    at Pacific School of Religion, 2011, 2012 & 2014.

• Produced and performed in audio-for-video recording of the Singers of the Street Choir. Featured debut during the

    “WITH ONE VOICE” event at the Royal Opera House as part of the London Olympics, July 2, 2012.

• Featured music worship leader, PSR Chapel service, Spring and Fall 2012.

• Instrumentalist and vocalist, joint NSCC, MCCSF, CCSM-UCC and COR-UCC Revival, April 8–10, 2011

• Co-music leader, the ordination of Rev. Jerry Handy, composed original composition for the event, October 2010

• Guitarist, vocalist on We Won’t Be Silent Anymore  CD Bishop Yvette Flunder & Fellowship Mass Choir, 2006

• Co-founder and co-leader, arranger for Gender-Queer Mass Chorus, GALA International Choral Festival –

    Montreal, Canada, July 2005

• Co-producer, co-administrator, worship leader, instrumentalist and vocalist of the concert series & tour of

   Oh Happy Day – A Celebration of Gospel, Motown, and Spirituals “a celebration of African American musical

  heritage and the reclamation of EVERYONE’s right to sing praise!”, 2005. TGC with SFGMC.

• Worship leader, vocalist & speaker UCC Synod and UCC Coalition dinner – with TGC, July 2004

• Guitarist and vocalist, consecration and installation of Rev. Dr. Yvette Flunder as Bishop of The Fellowship, 2003

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